We are always looking for people to give presentations or coin clubs that want to meet or hold meetings. Please contact us for more information.

Friday – All meetings are in the Webster Room

Friday – November 9, 11:30 to 1:00 pm
Civil War Tokens – David Taylor Moore

Dave will discuss

  • Types and Examples
  • History
  • Patriotic // Sutler // Store Tokens
  • Government Restrictions
  • Physical Composition & Characteristics – Obverse & Reverse
  • 1860-1865 USA Money // State Money // CSA Money
  • Fuld Rarity Scale R1-R10
  • Quantities // Denominations
  • Physical Examples // Values in Today’s Market place

David Taylor Moore is the author of Moore’s Civil War Reference, a day-by-day chronological listing of America’s Civil War, which took over 15 years to complete and contains 8,000+ landscaped pages, now in its 9th Edition. David adds about 250-pages of new information, each year. David will also be bringing copies of his books for signing and purchase.

David teaches Meteorology, College Composition, American History, Topics in Applied College Math, Selling on eBay, Civil War: Strategies & Tactics, and other courses at White Mountains Community College (WMCC) in Berlin, NH.

David has a unique way to include audience participation in his stand-alone lectures, which he never repeats.

Friday – November 9 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
BCCS and LSCC Joint Meeting and Educational Program

The Barber Coin Collectors’ Society (BCCS) and the Liberty Seated Collectors Club (LSCC) are pleased to announce that they will hold a joint regional meeting on Friday at the New Hampshire Coin Expo, in Manchester NH. In addition to the meeting, the clubs will have Club Tables on Friday and Saturday, complete with exhibits, information about the clubs, and a place to discuss Seated and Barber coinage. Members and visitors alike are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting and visit the Club Tables on the bourse floor.
Hosted by John Frost, Director of Education for LSCC.

Friday – November 9  – 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
A discussion of New Hampshire Scrip Notes – Kevin Lafond

Scrip notes were privately issued, small denomination, change notes, issued by merchants in a time of need, usually when coins were hoarded. Although scrip notes were issued in New Hampshire from 1734 to 1933, this illustrated talk will focus primarily on the Civil War time frame and encompass merchants state-wide.

Kevin Lafond has a lifetime of experience in the topic of scrip collecting. He once mentioned that he needed to catch up on reading a series of newspapers from the 1860’s and his wife quipped that she’d never heard of someone being that far behind in the daily news. Kevin has just completed an extensive book on the subject which is sure to be a reference for decades to come. He will have copies of his book available for sale at the show.

Friday – November 9  – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Live Auction by Mint Products Auctions

This auction will feature 200-300 lots of Coins, Currency, Tokens, and Bullion, both US and Foreign. Preview will take place all day Friday at the MPA tables in the front of the room. The auction is open to everyone and you are free to leave bids with the auctioneer, bid online, or attend the live auction in person! Visit for more information.

Saturday – November 10 – 10:30 am-12:00 pm
John Kittredge Young Numismatist Program – NENA (Webster Room)

One of the most popular programs at the show. The children will learn about collecting, how to hold coins, how to grade coins, and overall just have fun. Lots of freebies courtesy of NENA and our dealers.

Saturday – November 10 – 1:00 pm-2:30 pm  
Coin Grading – Thomas Caldwell & David Pepe (Webster Room)

Unfortunately, Charles Browne passed away on May 19, 2018. A memorial for this show is being planned. 

This one hour session will go into
1. How to look at a coin

  • A. Using the right kind of magnifier
  • B. Choosing the right lighting conditions
  • C. How to assess the coin for problems

2. Discussion about original coins and what that actually means

  • A. Original “skin”
  • B. How marks and scratches can change a grade of a coin, ie: grading
  • C. How positive or negative color can affect the grade and value of a coin
  • D. Other areas in regards to original coins and their relation to value

3. What is coin doctoring and what is it all about, and how doctored coins play a part in determining values.

  • A. How doctored coin are treated when offered for grading

4. What are PQ coins and a general discussion of the 70 point Sheldon scale

  • A. Where does the mint state scale actually begin
  • B. Discussion of what the correlation is between a barely used coin and a new coin with problems.

5. Discussion on the grading of early American coin or early foreign coins and how grade is determined.

  • A. Early minting methods and how they must be taken into consideration when determining grade
  • B. How early coins are given the benefit of doubt for grade versus more contemporary coins.

The one hour class will end with an open discussion about coins from the audience for another 30 minutes.

Thomas Caldwell  founded Northeast Numismatics over 50 years ago. In the years that have elapsed since 1964, Tom has proven his expertise in every area of US coinage, from rare colonials and patterns to high grade proof type and gold. In addition to being an ANA life member since 1972 (#1318) and a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), Tom is a life member of the Society for US Commemorative Coins, the Central States Numismatic Society, Florida United Numismatists, the Numismatic Association of Southern California, as well as other regional and national organizations. He has attended every major coin show and auction since the late 1960s, and can often be seen at shows out for a run in the early morning (he has completed several marathons). Tom’s easy-going personality and casual manner have made him a favorite personality on the show circuit, both with dealers and collectors. Tom is a firm believer that an educated collector is necessary to a strong and sustainable rare coin market, and has taken great efforts to teach youngsters (and elders) the essentials of coin collecting. In his words, “There are a lot of dealers in this business for the long haul. I consider myself a lifer, and we should do what we can to enhance the hobby.”

David Pepe owns Pilgrim Coin & Currency, LLC in Weymouth MA.  David is a Life Member of the ANA (#LM-5327) and a PNG Member (#782). He has been a full time Numismatist sine 1996 and has always supported YN programs. He has taken numerous ANA summer seminars in Colorado Springs.

Saturday – November 10 – 3:00 pm-4:00 pm
New England Numismatic Association Annual Meeting (Webster Room)

Meeting will include a brief talk related to this year’s medal which is done in conjunction with the Big Island Coin Club featuring Henry Opukaha’i; a recap of the show; awards and the election of officers. The meeting is open to members and guests. There will also be several door prizes.